FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: “Hey, how do I cook this thing?”

A: “Either you or someone who loves you (loves you more then you know) took the time to select this pizza. Respect the pizza. Respect yourself. Cook it correctly.”

  1. Remove Pizza from freezer and set on counter to thaw for twenty minutes.
  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  3. Dispose of shrink wrap and the box but save the cardboard circle, it will come in handy later.
  4. Place pizza directly on the middle rack with either foil or another pan on the rack underneath. Start checking the pizza after 15 minutes for thin crust, 20 minutes for deep dish. It is done when the cheese is melted and the crust is golden brown. Baking times may vary.
  5. Remove pizza to cardboard circle and return to the counter used in step #1 (or a table, or the floor, any flat surface at this point will do) and let it sit 3-5 minutes before cutting.
  6. Cut and enjoy.


Q: “What happens if I can’t wait 3-5 minutes to dig into this pizza?”

A: “The cheese isn’t going to have a chance to set and possibly may slide off onto your plate. Also, it’s going to be hot. Super-hot. Respect your taste buds and let it cool.”


Q: “Can I microwave this?”

A: “We’re going to pretend you didn’t ask that. Please see first question at the top.”


Q: “My pizzas are cold but there is no ice or ice packs in the cooler. Is it magic?”

A: “No it’s dry ice. Here is everything you need to know about dry ice.

  1. Are you going to eat those pizzas now? If not, please put the pizzas in the freezer immediately.
  2. Be careful with any remaining dry ice. It can burn your hands. We suggest picking it up with a dishcloth and disposing of it immediately.
  3. No dry ice? Don’t worry it may have evaporated completely. Nothing to get crazy about.
  4. Feel your items. Are they frozen or cool to the touch? If yes, everything’s great and return to #1


Q: “I’m not going to cook my pizza for another 3 days? Refrigerator or freezer?

A: Over 48 hours put the pizzas in the freezer. Less than 48 hours put the pizzas in the refrigerator. Less than one hour from opening the package, let’s set it out on the counter and get that oven fired up to 425 degrees.


Q: “Follow-up question. What if I need to wait 45 days?

A: “You really ask a lot of questions and must have incredible willpower. For the best taste, we recommend eating the frozen products within 30 days. Anything over 30 days is OK but definitely not prime. Do we need to have the discussion on respect again? 


Q:Do you provide nutritional information about your pizza?”

A: Yes, we provide detailed information about each of our pizza types. Click here to learn more.


Q:What is in your sausage?”

A: Pork and some other things. Mainly pork. And family secrets.


Q: “What are the….”

A: “….family secrets? Salt, pepper, different herbs. Nothing that can harm you but also nothing we will disclose”.


Q: “What is the Pizano’s Guarantee?”

A: Pizano’s will always make sure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase.
If you have an issue with any of our products or packages, please email feedback@pizanosshipmeone.com and we will do everything to correct the issue and make things right.


Q: “Are there eggs or dairy in your pizzas?”

A: Cheese is dairy. Down the line we will be offering other goods that won’t have dairy but for right now we’re sticking with what we know best - pizza. There is no egg in our dough. For a list of ingredients please see our nutritionals page. Also, see our “Coming Soon” tab and sign-up for our email list, you’ll be the first to know when new items are announced.


Q: “Is the sausage cooked through to a safe temperature?

A:  Our sausage is cooked completely through to a safe temperature prior to being flash frozen. Although you could eat the pizza right out of the box, we advise cooking it to our exact instruction. Have you noticed we keep going back to the respect thing?


Q: “I have a nut allergy, can I eat Pizano’s Pizza?”

A: Tree nuts and nuts? No, we don’t have them in our production facility. If you have a question about a nut allergy or any allergy at all, please email feedback@pizanoschicago.com and we will get back to you shortly.


Q: “Can I eat the whole pizza in one sitting?”

A: All of our pizzas are 10’’ and serve 2. What you do though in the privacy of your own home is definitely between you and the pizza.


Q: “Why can’t I get a larger pizza? Why can’t I get anchovies and pineapple on my frozen pizza?”

A: We’re always willing to look at possible custom orders. Email feedback@pizanoschicago.com and if it’s possible we will accommodate. If you’re cooking for a group, a standard oven will fit 6-8 pizzas at a time.


Q: “I like this. I can see myself doing this again. What can I do to make future transactions easier?”

A: Create an account. Next time you log-in we will have your billing and shipping addresses on file along with payment information. You’ll speed through the process. Also sign up for the email announcements and you will be the first to know regarding new products and seasonal specials.


Q: “My Uncle lives in California, my Grandmother in North Carolina & my Cousin in Iowa? How fast and how much will it cost to send them a 3 or a 5 pack?”

A: We use FedEx to ship your pizzas. There is a lot of variation between shipping times and cost throughout the United States. For all of the Continental United States we offer Free Shipping. However if you’re looking for a faster option, we also offer Next-Day or Two-Day shipping. Please use our shipping estimator during check-out to see all your options as far as time and price.


Q: “I have family in Hawaii & Alaska, can I send to them?”

A: You have a ton of family and treat them very well. As you can expect, FedEx will go there with our pizzas but the no charge option is not available for Hawaii & Alaska.


Q: “There is an issue with my order, what should I do?”

A: You can either email us, feedback@pizanoschicago.com or give us a call at (844) SHIP – ME – 1 (844-744-7631)


Q: “Is your pizza healthy?”

A: We use high quality, fresh, never frozen & GMO free ingredients to create our pizzas. For nutritional values please visit nutritionals page .


Q: “Are your Gluten Free Thin and Deep Dish pizzas produced in a Gluten Free kitchen?”

A: Currently both our Thin and Deep GF crusts are produced in a Gluten Free kitchen. The pizzas though are produced in a facility where gluten is present. We take many different measures to limit the exposure of possible cross contamination though.